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Our mission is to create a unique Travel Agenda with activities and experiences that are based on YOU and your needs.
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the Explorer

Sports Based

Perfect for the sporty and extreme-outdoor lovers. Feel nature like never before. Providing you always with the right food you need for your activities.

the Relaxed

Wellness Based

Enjoy our local food and relax in the best Engadin spas while the sunset paints the mountains around you.

the Cultured

Land Beauty Based

Learn from historical museums, discover local dishes exclusive to the area, and breathe the freshest air. Come discover why Engadin belongs to UNESCO heritage.

Events & Special Offers

Looking for an exclusive Experience or Tickets to a Special Event?
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How it Works

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We’d like to know a little bit more about you in order to design your memorable Travel Experience in Engadin. According to your accommodation choice and what you dream to discover, we create for you a customized plan.


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After the form, the best Travel Experience Package will be presented to you based on your preferences. Our Team will then schedule a day by day activity plan which you can confirm or customize as you wish.


Enjoy your Journey

Simply show the Engadin Experience Confirmation at the entrance of your scheduled establishment and once you are identified as one of us, prepare to live your experience!

Services Provided

We provide a fully-planned and customizable agenda to optimize your stay in the Engadin.
From morning to evening we schedule your day with activities that match your passions and preferences.

Personal Agenda

Our aim is to understand your preferences and desires in order to design a customized agenda to make your stay at the Engadin as perfect as can be.

Activity Plans for Everyone

We accommodate all group sizes, from families and couples to groups of adventurers and single travelers. Our timeless familiarity with the land allows us to offer you a wide variety of activities that satisfy the needs of all.

Smart Stay

Enjoy your experiences immediately! Every other agency can provide a nice place but we carefully situate you based on your needs and activities.